Photographing Pet Parties

How many people have the privilege of hanging out with creative, fun people and adorable little dogs at the same event? Well I do! I have had the good fortune to find myself chosen to capture the celebration of love between people and their pets.

How do people show gratitude to the pets that enrich their lives? They do it in the most creative and surprising ways. From participating in parades, creating elaborate costumes, serving designer cakes and food for people and beasts, as well as creative theme parties— there is no limit to how dog lovers display their love for their furry children. And that’s just how they feel… these dogs are members of the family—furry children, included in all aspects of life… pampered and dotted upon.

Larger dogs may not have all the opportunities the tiny ones do. The little ones go shopping, eat out at restaurants, go to the movies, travel the world and dress in the latest fashions. For some, this might seem extreme, but when a tiny dog enters your life, your perspective changes…you become a protective, obsessed pet parent. Suddenly, you find yourself looking for clothing and accessories for your little love. You take out your sewing machine and start creating a costume for the next upcoming event…I know because it happened to me. I now have a collection of dresses, costumes and accessories that is starting to take over my closets and storage spaces.

As a pet lover, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph so many special little fur babies. Here are some of my favorite images. Enjoy!

if you have an upcoming event— I also photograph people!